A Belgian official was forced to quit his far-right political party after Anonymous hacking collective published his name on a list of alleged paedophiles, AFP reported.

The hacktivists launched over the weekend Operation PedoChat (#OpPedoChat), taking down websites used by paedophiles and dumping information including details of hundreds of alleged paedophiles.

"Anonymous must expose these Pedophile sites for who and what they really are," says a video. "The ninety nine percent will spread word of these disgusting Paedophile practices."

Local Flemish councillor Hans-Peter Luyckx, who denies the claims, has decided to resign from his post in the Vlaams Belang far-right party to avoid damage it.

"This does not imply any kind of admission," the party said.

Anonymous has published some 500 email addresses, IP details and postal addresses and phone numbers of people it said visit paedophile forums and chat rooms.

Vlaams Belang recently campaigned for harsher punishments for paedophiles. He claims his web address was hacked and has already filed a complaint in the case.

"Lately, there has been a surge of websites dedicated to pedophiles for chat, picture sharing, etc.," reads a statement by Anonymous announcing the campaign.

"This is unacceptable and will not be tolerated."

"We Anonymous aims to diminish if not eradicate this plague from the Internet," it continued. "For the good of our followers, for the good of mankind, and for our own enjoyment we shall expel from the Internet and systematically destroy any such boards that continue to operate."

The collective also urged the "ninety nine percent", a common slogan used by the Occupy Movement to indicate a vast majority of people paying the prices for the mistakes of a tiny minority, to put pressure on elected representatives, journalists and blogger in order to "stop these disgusting practices by paedophiles".

It is not the first time Anonymous targets child pornography. In October 2011, as part of Operation Darknet, the group took offline 40 paedophilia-sharing websites and exposed more than 1,500 paedophile's names.