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OurMine has been known fro breaching social media accounts of high-profile tech CEOs in the past iStock

OurMine hackers have struck again taking down the official Twitter accounts of Netflix US, Marvel and its characters along with NFL's official handle. The self-labelled white hat hackers came into the limelight after taking over the official Twitter accounts of its CEO Jack Dorsey along with Google's CEO Sundar Pichai and a host of online media sites like BuzzFeed and TechCrunch.

The hacking group first took over Netflix's US Twitter account, displaying a message to its followers about the lack of security the account had. Netflix eventually regained control of its account and deleted the tweets.

OurMine told IBTimes UK they had hacked Netflix late Tuesday (20 December) night. In two followup emails the group claimed they had hacked Marvel and the Twitter accounts of some its characters, including Black Panther, Captain America, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Thor and Doctor Strange. The last mail the group sent said they had taken control of the NFL Twitter, saying it was the last hack for the day.

The group has always maintained that their hacking attempts are not malicious in nature and they do it only to show users as well as companies how weak their cyber defence is. In fact, the latest hacking of Marvel characters was easily possible because the main Marvel account was linked to all the other official Marvel accounts via Tweetdeck.

As of now, the rightful operators have regained control of the accounts and all the tweets that OurMine published have been deleted.

The group is anonymous but a BuzzFeed report had claimed that their hacks are conducted by a Saudi teenager. OurMine was quick to deny the claim saying the teenager was just a fan and in turn hacked into BuzzFeed's site warning them not to spread false information.

Marvel Twitter feed
The screenshot shows the message left by the OurMine hackers Twitter