International Space Station (ISS) astronaut Kjell Lindgren has treated his Twitter fans to a host of spectacular images over the last few weeks, sharing stunning images of the natural and man-made beauty of Earth. The US astronaut is spending a year aboard the ISS as part of Nasa's Expedition 45.

Lindgren tweets a wide array of images from all over the world, ranging from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, to a water reservoir in Iraq.

Golden Gate Bridge
The aerial view of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge which the crew of the ISS are treated to Kjell Lindgren
A view of Los Angeles. Lindgren Tweeted "Lookin good LA! Hey sis!" in reference to his sister who resides there Kjell Lindgren
Space Walk
"One of my favorite photos from last Friday's #spacewalk," said Lindgren Kjell Lindgren
Lightening clouds
Lindgren shows his followers what a lightning cloud looks like from above Kjell Lindgren
Sand dunes
"These magnificent dunes remind me of an Escher drawing," said Lindgren Kjell Lindgren

As well as man-made structures and natural phenomena, Lindgren has been tweeting images with the hashtag #StoryOfWater. Nasa explained in a statement: "Unfortunately, many people around the world lack access to clean water. Using technology developed for the space station, at-risk areas can gain access to advanced water filtration and purification systems, making a life-saving difference in these communities. Joint collaborations between aid organisations and Nasa technology show just how effectively space research can adapt to contribute answers to global problems. The commercialisation of this station-related technology has provided aid and disaster relief for communities worldwide."

oman oil rig
The Oman oil rig network as seen from space. "The delicate fingerprints of water imprinted on the sand. The #StoryOfWater," tweeted Lindgren. Kjell Lindgren
great barrier reef
Lindgren: "The Great Barrier Reef outlines the coast of Australia in turquoise and blue. The #StoryOfWater." Kjell Lindgren
water reservoir Iraq
The Haditha Dam Lake in Iraq, where "Colours patiently swirl" according to Lindgren. Kjell Lindgren