As the general election draws near, politicians have become cautious as to how to deal with members of the public, especially in the age of social media where one wrong move can be shared widely in a matter of seconds.

Awkward photos, angry voters and out of the blue events can define a campaign and Tim Farron was faced with one of those today (3 May).

The Liberal Democrat leader was out campaigning in Kidlington in the Oxford West constituency when he was faced with an angry voter.

Surrounded by a group of loyal Lib Dem supporters, Farron was approached by pensioner Malcolm Baker.

He stood in front of Farron and said: "I voted leave and I'm proud to have vote leave and I knew what I was voting for."

Farron then asked him if he had any grandchildren to which Malcolm replied yes.

The Lib Dem leader asked: "Are you proud that they will inherit a poorer, less powerful and less secure country?"

Baker, who was out celebrating his 65<sup>th birthday, replied: "I'm proud that they'll be coming out of ... Europe, and that we'll have our own destiny and not have people telling us that we're going to have to pay £100bn to get out. If that's your policies I hope you get beaten and you're going to get six seats."

Currently the Lib Dems have nine MPs.

Baker walked off and then spoke to one of the Lib Dem supporters saying: "I've always voted Labour, but I'll be voting for Theresa May."