After India called Pakistan "terroristan" at the UN on Saturday, 23 September, Islamabad hit back at its neighbour, saying the country is "the mother of terrorism in South Asia".

The troubled neighbours have been locking horns at the global platform in the past week with bilateral issues being internationalised, much to the annoyance of New Delhi.

Subsequent to the address by India's Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj, Pakistan's permanent representative at the UN, Maleeha Lodhi, issued a statement calling India a state-sponsor of terrorism.

Just as India had earlier used its right to reply to blast Pakistan over its diplomat's speech, Islamabad's representative lashed out at New Delhi. "India has considerable experience in the state sponsorship of terrorism in our region," said Lodhi.

Describing Swaraj's remarks at the UN as an "orgy of slander" against Pakistan, the diplomat said: "Her comments towards my country betray the hostility that the Indian leadership has towards Pakistan – hostility we have endured for 70 years."

She went on to accuse many of India's top ruling lawmakers, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, of having blood on their hands, referring to the deadly Gujarat riots of 2002.

"Repeating falsehoods year after year does not and cannot conceal or alter the truth. But in her vitriol she deliberately ignored the core issue of Jammu and Kashmir," added the Pakistani envoy while speaking about the disputed region of Kashmir.

Since their independence from Britain in 1947, both the countries have fought three bloody wars, two of them over Kashmir.