Paris Saint-Denis
Police operation in Saint-Denis, near Paris on November 18, 2015, five days after Paris terror attacks. Shooting broke out in northern Paris early November 18, 2015 during a dawn raid by police hunting those behind the attacks that claimed 129 lives in the French capital five days ago, sources said. THOMAS SAMSON/AFP/Getty Images

Did a segment by ITV's Good Morning Britain capture the dramatic moment a blonde terrorist blew herself up during the raid in Paris's Saint-Denis? Video shot of the siege in the northern Paris suburb in the earlier hours of 18 November shows a garage of armed police rushing towards the scene of an explosion.

According to The Mirror, the moment is believed to be when the blonde killer shouted "Help me, help me!" to law enforcement before reportedly blowing herself up. The woman, identified as Hasna Aitboulahcen, also allegedly let off a series of shots from her AK-47 before detonating her suicide vest in her apartment. Some claim she may have been the wife of alleged Paris attacks mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud, while others say she was actually his cousin, The Mirror reported.

The video, part of a live broadcast from the scene by reporter Richard Gaisford, is interrupted after 6.27am by a "massive explosion" occurring just a couple of metres away. "Oh God, oh right. Massive, massive explosion has just gone off just to the side here," a visibly shaken Gaisford says. "We're hearing that maybe 200 to 300 metres away here in the city centre ... we won't be able to get any closer, we wouldn't want to be able to get any closer to that area."

The explosion occurred six hours into a siege by French police and security forces in the suburb of Saint-Denis. The standoff between 110 armed officers and the terror cell holed up in a flat, ended with a bloodied suspect being dragged out of the apartment building, The Daily Mail reported.

Eight people were arrested during the siege, which targeted the Paris attacks mastermind. According to The Guardian, the female suicide bomber was one of two who died during the raid. The identity of the other person killed has not been revealed pending forensic examination, Paris prosecutor Francois Molins told reporters.