Wembley stadium
Images of the French flag and the words \'liberté, égalité, fraternité\' are displayed on a screen outside Wembley Stadium Getty

Football fans face delays getting into Wembley Stadium on 17 November after extra security measures were put in place for the England v France international friendly in the wake of the Paris attacks that left at least 129 people dead.

The match had been in jeopardy after the terrorist attack but French football officials confirmed at the weekend that it would go ahead.

There will be an increased armed police presence outside the ground as well as more officers at tube stations. Fans will also be checked by security as they enter the ground and have been urged to arrive early ahead of the 8pm kick off to take part in tributes to those killed in the attacks.

In his pre-match press conference, England manager Roy Hodgson encouraged fans to sing the Marseillaise in a show of support for the French, while FA chief executive Martin Glenn said the match had added significance "to show that terrorism can't win".

"The match starts at five to eight, not eight o'clock. We want to demonstrate our solidarity, our country's solidarity with France," Glenn said.

He said the FA had been advised on the security and that the game only went ahead with the approval of France.

"UK authorities and government needed to make sure it was safe and the French wanted to play," he said. "They wanted to go ahead, for mainly symbolic reasons, and we were very happy to meet their concerns.

"I just want to reconfirm that the security apparatus and the people that advise us say that there is no material risk so the game should go ahead. We would like fans to turn up earlier and we will do more checks."