Hundreds of people were sent scattering in panic on Sunday after a series of sudden bangs shattered the silence of two vigils being held at Place de la Republique and the Carillon cafe on Sunday (15 November).

With the terror attacks barely 48 hours old, people attending the vigils at locations where gunmen opened fire on Friday (13 November) feared another attack was taking place and ran in all directions. Large groups of police officers responded, saying they needed to take all measures to ensure safety.

"When you see a crowd moving around a lot, you have to act because maybe there is somebody with a gun. We just have to see," an unnamed police officer near the Carillon cafe said.

A bit further south, diners at a restaurant also dispersed suddenly, breaking glasses and turning over tables, after they said they heard loud noises.

One of them said he's been on edge since Friday's attack killed more than 130 people across the capital. "There is an eighth guy, maybe with a gun, I don't know. We are all confused with what's happened on Friday. We are very scared, that's it," he said.

An official from the emergency services said some members of the public believed they heard gunfire, however they had no confirmation of any shooting.