Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba has reportedly admitted that he has indeed enlisted the services of a witch doctor, just as his older brother, Mathias Pogba had claimed.

However, the France international has denied that he did so to put a curse on national team colleague, Kylian Mbappe. It may be remembered that Mathias claimed last week that his younger brother is not "trustworthy" and had hired the witch doctor to curse the Paris Saint-Germain striker.

The older Pogba said that apart from cursing Mbappe, Paul had also been relying on the witch doctor to keep himself from getting injured. This is of course ironic, considering the fact that Paul is now set to be ruled out for about two months due to a knee injury that he needs surgery to fix.

Nevertheless, it was confirmed late last week that Mbappe has initiated contact with the brothers in order to get to the bottom of things. According to Diario AS, Mbappe has decided to stand by his France teammate, who admitted that he spoke to a witch doctor, but not to injure Mbappe. Instead, he said that he wanted to "increase the potential power of a charity helping children in Africa."

Mbappe has decided to believe Paul, and now considers the matter closed. However, it seems that the two of them may not be able to play together in Qatar after all. The FIFA World Cup will kick off in less than 80 days, and Paul's injury will keep him out of action for possibly most of that time. That puts his position in the French squad in jeopardy, especially with his extortion case making thing even more complicated.

The former Manchester United player and his mother have accused his brother Mathias of leading a group of their childhood friends in an £11 million extortion attempt against him.

Mathias released a series of videos last week claiming to have "explosive information" against his brother. Paul and his camp were not surprised, saying that they were already aware of the plot to blackmail him and have reported the same to the French and Italian authorities.

Paul Pogba
French midfielder Paul Pogba Justin Setterfield/POOL