"Penisberg, hammer of the gods, and phallic iceberg" are some of the descriptions people have come up with after an amateur photographer pictured a penis-shaped massive iceberg during a visit to the Griquet, Newfoundland.

Images of the massive ice structure inevitably aroused curiosity among tourists, who first came across the iceberg off the eastern coast of Canada. Jamie Ellison, a local horticulture instructor who was accompanied by 10 other tourists, was amused to first witness the phallic-like ice formation on the shoreline.

What first appeared to be the front of a Viking ship initially quickly prompted giggles among the visitors. They offered suggestions for naming the iceberg and one of them came up with "penisberg".

"I'm in awe at the speed of how information travels and that humans seem curious about how anatomical representations in nature. Yes, the berg has got a few different names, including the #hammerofthegods," Ellison told Russia Today.

The members of the botanical tour were originally on the lookout for alpine plants. Most of them who are on the team were American botanists led by the local tour guide Todd Boland.

Ellison said the iceberg was several storeys high but was likely pushed by strong winds in the area as it disappeared later on the same day they had spotted.

"Mother Nature expresses herself in an interesting manner sometimes," added Ellison, who has seen many unusual icebergs in the past. "It gave us a little bit of a laugh."

Iceberg Newfoundland
The first iceberg of the season passes the South Shore, also known as "Iceberg Alley", near Ferryland Newfoundland, Canada was found in April Reuters/Jody Martin