A pensioner who took to the internet to attack police and councillors in his area has been handed an ASBO in what is believed to be the first for a blogger.

Christopher Perry, 65 from Wetwang, East Yorkshire, has been handed the ASBO after dubbing the local Methodist minister a "wheeler dealer" and a former mayor to be an Obergruppenfuher – an SS officer.

Perry is a member of the National Union of Journalists and claims to have worked on a local newspaper in his past.

Perry is said to have photographed and "pestered" Reverend Robert Amos and targeted former mayor Steven Poessl, ex-police inspector Richard Wood and a local businessman, Hull Magistrates' Court heard.

Last year, Perry was officially warned by local police and authorities took action to have his blog taken down.

Rev Amos was told by Perry that he would "bring you down with the power of journalism".

Amos told journalists outside the court that Perry published "ridiculous" claims that he was going to make profit for the rebuilding of his church.

"He parades himself as a journalist rooting out fraud and that kind of thing, but what he was writing about was just silly," he said.

The Asbo, imposed last week, means that Perry will be banned from harassing, alarming, distressing or even contacting his eight victims.

Perry said he was debating appealing the decision: "This is a gagging order that goes far beyond an Asbo. I think it gives a sign to other people not to complain about things or challenge anything."