UK earthquake in Kent
Minor quake hits UK waking up residents and shaking buildings British Geological Survey

Residents in Kent have taken to Twitter to mock the overreaction to the earthquake that struck the county in the early hours of this morning.

A 4.2 magnitude earthquake hit at a depth of 15km two miles west of Ramsgate with tremors felt as far away neighbouring Essex.

People felt their homes shaken by the tremors but no injuries or structural damage to properties were reported.

"At just after 3am there was a dramatic violent jarring and jolting of the house for about 10 seconds," local resident Simon Moores told Daily Star Online.

"The seagulls launched into air with tremendous noise outside, dogs started barking, crockery moving, furniture jarring about a bit."

To put it into context the British Geological Survey said the quake was approximately 260,000 times smaller than the 7.8 Nepal earthquake which killed more than 8,000 last month.

People on Twitter could not help but joke about the little impact of the earthquake.