US President Donald Trump had his own awkward water bottle moment during a speech after his tour of Asia earlier this week, and the internet still can't stop mocking him for it. During a televised speech on Wednesday, Trump recapped his recent "tremendously successful" maiden trip to the Asian-Pacific region.

A little over 10 minutes into his speech, Trump abruptly stopped to take a swig of water. Picking up a small bottle of Fiji water with both hands, he brought his lips down to the water bottle to take a sip before continuing his speech. The water break, however, echoed back to Senator Marco Rubio's own water bottle moment during his 2013 response to the State of the Union address – a moment that Trump vehemently mocked him for.

The internet, however, could not stop poking fun at the president's "weird" water bottle fiasco. The incident also triggered a Photoshop battle on Reddit, with people creatively doctoring pictures of Trump's sip in variety of hilarious ways.

"This is perfect," one Reddit user wrote.

From playing musical instruments and holding a baby's bottle to him "sucking the soul" out of Harry Potter as a Dementor; here are some of the most creative, sarcasm-laden images coming out of the fierce battle: