Ana Jara Peru PM
Peru's Prime Minister Ana Jara's (L) sacking is the biggest political crisis in four years REUTERS/Enrique Castro-Mendivil

Peru has sacked the Prime Minister, Ana Jara, over alleged spying against lawmakers, reporters, business leaders and other citizens.

The sacking follows the magazine Correo Semanal's 19 March publication of a list of Peruvians who had allegedly been investigated by the National Intelligence Directorate, or DINI.

These people included politicians and their families, journalists, business people and thousands of everyday citizens.

Practice dating back to 2005

After the news broke, Jara, who in July completed her first year in the post, was summoned to Congress.

Jara, who said she had asked for an investigation, explained the data search against the investigated people went back at least two previous governments.

The practice went back to 2005 "and nothing was done. Now, someone who wants to do something (investigate), is censured", ruling party lawmaker Victor Isla, told AFP.

In early February the government ordered the intelligence service called the DINI to close temporarily. It is accused of spying on both government officials and opposition figures.

Peru's biggest political crisis

Jara was voted out 72 to 42. There were two abstentions.

It is the first time the Peruvian Congress has deposed a Prime Minister since 1968, in what is the biggest crisis in the president Ollanta Humala's four years in power.

With a year left of his term, Humala must now name a Prime Minister for the seventh time.