British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond confirmed on 6 January that both the UK and China were on the 'same page' in condemning North Korea's nuclear test. He also said that sanctions against North Korea could be tightened.

"So I've discussed with my Chinese counterparts this morning, the emerging situation in North Korea, and I'm clear that we are on the same page on this. Both Britain and China condemn any attempt by North Korea to obtain nuclear weapons or to test nuclear weapons, and we're very satisfied with the way China is responding to this incident this morning," said Hammond.

Hammond, who is in Beijing on a two-day trip, was speaking to reporters after meeting Chinese State Councillor Yang Jiechi.

"On the broader question of sanctions, look, there can always be more done to strengthen them and tighten the way sanctions are applied. But I do think they have an effect, and I would urge all of our partners to ensure that they are applied as constantly and effectively as possible," he added.

China's Foreign Ministry has said that China would "launch solemn representations" with North Korea over the test.