One can easily lose count when the Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is on a fire hurling expletives at his critic. Yet again, the European Union has become his latest target.

The EU, or the "stupid" bloc as Duterte puts it, was at the receiving end on Tuesday, 6 February, when the outspoken leader decided to launch his verbal assault during a speech at the National Economic and Development Authority's anniversary event.

Choosing some harsh words for the European Union, which in the past has raised questions about the prevailing human rights situation, Duterte said he would not be interested in visiting Brussels even if it means the relations would be jeopardised.

A key trading partner of the Philippines, the EU has been a vocal critic of Duterte's handling of the extrajudicial killings taking place in the country under the label of "drug war". Thousands of drug pushers have been killed in the bloody campaign with rights groups alleging most of them are undertaken by extrajudicial vigilante groups.

Not the one to take any criticism lightly, Duterte hit back about a possible visit to the EU: "What am I supposed to do there? Ask me a question? You insult me then I will mess with all of you there." Duterte, visibly miffed, was invited to take part in the Asia-Europe meeting in October.

While throwing a copious amount of curse words at the EU, Duterte added: "I'm not like other presidents you can belittle. I leave that to you. I really don't have an ambition to see places. I hate to travel really."

Duterte also recalled an invitation extended by the US President Donald Trump and how he had not taken up on that offer. The EU diplomatic mission in the Philippines has declined to comment on Duterte's outburst.

This is not the first time Duterte had chosen to charge against the EU as he had even shown middle finger at European officials who were critical of his drug war. He had also rejected millions of dollars of worth aid from the bloc.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte (l) holds a AK-47 assault rifle as Russian Minister of Defence Sergei Shoigu looks
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte (l) holds a AK-47 assault rifle as Russian Minister of Defence Sergei Shoigu looks on Reuters