A Knife
A Knife (Representative Image)Image Credit: REUTERS

A 35-year-old man has been arrested in Phoenix City, United States, for allegedly attacking and trying to decapitate his mother. The victim is the owner of a sushi and steak restaurant, where her son was employed.

On Tuesday night, police officials responded to reports of a fight between mother and son at the Sakura Sushi and Steakhouse. According to a report by My Fox Phoenix, the victim had non-life threatening cuts and knife wounds on her body.

She claims she found her son, Michael Lee Hansen, sharpening a 7­in knife when she walked into the kitchen. He then knocked her unconscious by hitting her on the head and inflicted cuts on her hands and neck. Witnesses say the mother fell on the floor, screaming at her son to stop. Hansen's response was to kick his mother.

Reports also say Hansen admitted to attacking his mother and trying to decapitate her; he said he "failed to get his kill".

The exact reason for the attack remains unclear. Hansen told detectives he attacked his mother over "pornographic pictures of him".

His violent behaviour continued after he was taken to a hospital, where, despite being handcuffed, Hansen pushed a trolley bed at a police officer, forcing him to use a taser.

Hansen's attacks continued at the police station as well, where he attacked a prisoner for no apparent reason. CCTV camera footage from the jail shows Hansen getting up from where he was seated and wrapping his handcuffs around the neck of the man sitting next to him, pulling him to the floor.

Hansen has been charged with assault, attempted murder and criminal damage and has been kept in isolation on $250,000 bail.