Nearly half of Brits suffer from snoring, according to the polling firm YouGov. For their partners this is a – literally – waking nightmare.

Thankfully, Nasa scientists have now uncovered that pineapple plants have snore-reducing qualities due to their oxygen production at night. This could be the answer to a sound night's sleep – not to mention an attractive addition to a window shelf.

Household pineapple plants are grown in Holland and take 21 to 24 months to develop the tiny inedible pineapple seen at the top.

pineapple plant
Asda are selling pineapple plants ASDA

Asda have released a limited line of pineapple plants in reaction to the news and will stock them until January. Snorers – or their desperately tired partners – can purchase them for £12.

sleep apnoea
NASA scientists have found a cure for snoring potentially Todd Warnock/Corbis/VCG/Getty Images

The sound of snoring is caused by a blockage somewhere between the nose and the vocal chords.

Some people are more prone to snoring than others, according to the NHS. Being overweight, smoking, drinking too much alcohol and sleeping on your back are all contributing factors.

Luckily, snoring isn't usually serious unless people feel sleepy during the day or make choking noises in their sleep. In these cases, it's advised to see a GP in case of sleep apnea – a serious condition if left untreated where the breathing is interrupted when sleeping.