Former FC Barcelona defender and Spain international Gerard Pique has become a laughing stock online following the recent developments in his personal and professional life. In particular, many are saying that he has become the manservant of his new girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti.

It may be remembered that Pique and Colombian pop superstar Shakira announced their separation in June earlier this year after more than a decade together. A few weeks ago, they came to a legal agreement over the custody of their two children, making their break official since they never got married.

However, just days after the agreement between the ex-partners was finalised, Pique was spotted out on a dinner date with Clara Chia. The couple dined at a Japanese restaurant in Barcelona, and were easily spotted by eagle-eyed paparazzi.

Seeing the two together isn't strange because they had been open about their relationship for several months and have not been afraid to show lots of PDA. However, the photos raised eyebrows after the World Cup winner was seen holding his girlfriend's white handbag while she is pouting as they stood on the sidewalk outside the restaurant.

Clara Chia looked far from happy as she kept her gaze away from the former Barcelona star. He can be seen holding her purse and bowing down slightly while seemingly trying to appease her.

Indeed, these are only mere moments captured by paparazzi, and no one really knows what the conversation is about. However, the snaps were enough to ensure that the newly-retired footballer instantly became the butt of jokes. Social media users have been reposting the photos, with some calling Pique a manservant. Others are saying that Clara Chia, a 23-year-old PR student, has the famous footballer wrapped around her little finger.

Pique recently decided to end his Barcelona contract early. He has not confirmed plans of continuing his professional football career elsewhere, and he is expected to focus on his holding company, Kosmos. Incidentally, Clara Chia reportedly works there.

Meanwhile, Shakira is believed to be planning a move back to Miami, Florida, where she lived before moving to Barcelona to start a family with Pique. According to the Daily Mail, the singer will have primary custody of their two sons, but Pique will have ten days a month with his children as well as an equal amount of holiday time.

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Gerard Pique (L) and Philippe Coutinho at the end of Barcelona's 3-0 defeat at the hands of Bayern Munich that sent them packing from the Champions League AFP / Christof STACHE