Pitbull's FIFA World Cup Anthem Receives Backlash on Twitter
Pitbull in the music video of FIFA's World Cup anthem. Pitbull/Facebook

The Fifa World Cup anthem 'We Are One' by Pitbull has failed to impress Brazilians and soccer fans around the world.

The music video, which features Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez and Brazilian pop singer Claudia Leitte, has received sharp criticism for filming the music video in America when the world cup takes place in Brazil.

Most of the Fifa anthem was sung by both Pitbull and Lopez in English while Leitte sings a short part in Portuguese. Music journalist Peres described the Pitbull anthem as 'a big bag of cliches,' news website inquisitr.com reported.

The original version of the Pitbull song was leaked online and it received a lot of flak from fans. Hence, Sony inserted some drum track from Brazilian group Olodum into the final version, the website reported.

Pitbull's world cup anthem and video have received mixed reviews from Brazilians, who think the music has too much foreign inspiration and has stereotyped Brazilian culture, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Meanwhile, fans expressed their disappointment over the Rain Over Me singer's latest song on Twitter and urged Fifa to bring Shakira back.

Shakira's Waka Waka for the World Cup 2010 became a huge hit and was well received by both critics and fans.

The 37-year-old pop star is reportedly obsessed with football and has written her version of Fifa world cup anthem La La La, a reworked version of her new song Dare.