Experts are toying with a drastic idea to save South African rhinos from poachers.

According to a report in the Sun, a wild rhino already has its horn sliced off with a chainsaw in a bid to save it from the guns of poachers. Rhinos fall an easy prey to hunters who believe that their horns can cure cancer, the report added.

Figures show that nearly 500 rhinos were killed in South Africa in 2011, and most of the carcasses were found with their horns removed. Only 123 arrests were made last year over offences relating to rhino poaching.

The illegally secured horns will be transported to Asian markets like Vietnam and China where a single piece can cost more than £600,000.

Meanwhile, Scottish footballer Gordon Gilbert has backed efforts to save white rhinos of South Africa from poachers.

Gordon, who plays for South African league team Mpumalanga Black Aces, is taking the message to save the threatened species to the rural communities and villages by involving himself in training sessions, according to the Daily Record.

The paper quoted him as saying: "In the last six months, rhino poaching has hit an all-time high. Poaching has become such a tame word that I don't really like to use it. The rhinos are being slaughtered - it's sick.

"So many people all over the world know what's going on out there but everyone is waiting for their neighbour to do something about it so nothing ever gets done. I was glad to be part of this and try to do something.

"I have tracked rhinos in the wild and they are such beautiful animals. It is awful they are being killed for that one horn."