US President Donald Trump's eldest daughter Ivanka took to Twitter on Wednesday (27 December) to share her New Year's resolution for 2018. The internet, on the other hand, is already ruthlessly taunting her over it and even had some other suggestions in mind.

The 36-year-old White House adviser tweeted a link to a USA Today article about the deadly dangers of sleep deprivation and wrote: "New Year resolution, sleep more."

"Sleep deprivation compounds, so every night counts. None of us are immune, no matter how busy or important you are," the article reads. "So the next time you start thinking about how to better yourself, improve productivity or stay ahead of the herd, lose the bravado and just go to bed."

Ivanka's post comes nearly a year after she moved to Washington DC with her husband Jared Kushner and family to help serve in her father's administration as a presidential adviser.

However, she has continued to garner fierce criticism that she failed to be a voice of moderation in Trump's White House and take a firm stance on key issues she previously said she cares about such as LGBTQ rights, gender pay equality, immigration and climate change among others.

While many social media users agreed with Ivanka's relatable resolution, the internet had some other New Year's resolution suggestions for her.

"How about no nepotism?" one person chimed while another added: "Stop with the money laundering?"

"You should probably attempt to read a book or two in the coming year," one Twitter user suggested while second said: "Get your kleptocracy out of the WH."

Others proceeded to mock Ivanka over her "tone deaf" resolution with a slew of taunting comments and memes.

"Being a corrupt, complicit fraud must be absolutely exhausting. Unfortunately, I don't think those who are working in the factories making your tacky clothes can afford to make the same resolution," one Twitter user wrote.

"With all the terrible things you've co-signed and enabled, it's a wonder you can sleep at all," another said.

"I'd sleep a whole lot better if your father resigned," one user wrote.

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Ivanka Trump shared her New Year's resolution for 2018 but Twitter is already ruthlessly taunting her over it MICHAEL SOHN/AFP/Getty Images