Ivanka Trump traded her structured outfits for a fun, frilly bikini as she recently joined her half-sister, Tiffany, for a Christmas video, in which the duo is seen blowing kisses to their followers. But little did the First daughters realise that their seemingly harmless video would become the subject of yet another controversy.

Wishing a Merry Christmas, US President Donald Trump's youngest daughter shared the clip with her fans on Twitter, posing in a blue and pink bikini top while her sister smouldered in a frilly piece. Both the sisters rocked dark shades in the sun-soaked video as tiny angel wings and a halo hovered over them.

While 'O Holy Night' filled in the background, the Trumps — who have been vacationing at their father's Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida — puckered up and blew air kisses, leaving critics on social media unimpressed.

"This cant' be real. Please tell me this isn't real. Somebody? Anybody?" a Twitter user wrote, taken aback by the clip shared by Tiffany. A second user joined in, agreeing, "Ugh. This is a joke, right? Neither one of you could be so clueless (and classless) as to actually post this? Really?"

While the Georgetown Law School student is usually known to keep her private life away from the internet, she seemed to have made an exception for the holiday post. However, the bikini-clad video didn't go down well with social media users, who advised the sisters to spend their time in charity work during the holidays.

"Sorry we missed you at the homeless shelter handing out Christmas gifts," someone wrote, going all sarcastic in the comments section.

Another user chimed in, "Aw look at the little entitled brats," while another wrote, "Narcissism at its finest."

"How tacky you all are. @realdonaldtrump The poor are eating rice and beans and are worried about health care. You are spending taxpayers' money and flaunting it," another critic blasted.

"There goes your *less* hated Trump status. Playing with the big boys and girl now to achieve the most hated status they all have?" a user wrote, calling out 24-year-old Tiffany.

Responding to both the sisters, one critic wrote, "The money your family has spent on vacations and golf outings this year could have gone to meals on wheels for the elderly and CHIP for children. GREEDY"

"Meanwhile, many in #PuertoRico are still without power, food, and life-saving medical treatment and aid... But, sure...flaunt your privilege and wealth," another critic slammed, adding, "Tacky, classless, and absolutely disgusting."