Following reports of, at times violent, arrests of Occupy Wall Street protesters, Anonymous has released a statement requesting aid to help keep the live feed chronicling the protest running.

The call for aid came after a series of tweets from Anonymous' AnonOps Twitter feed emerged claiming members of the media team had been arrested by the police.

"The live video feed media team is taking a beating: 3 days of full coverage, two arrested this AM, equipment breaking, no help. Stop sending pizza. There's a mountain of it. Send a Canon HV-20 and Dell 1525 laptop batteries and chargers.

"THIS LIVE FEED DEPENDS ON YOUR SUPPORT. Get people in NYC to send these things to media camp. As for Vlad, Flux, Nikki or Spike," read the statement.

The first reported incidents of members of the media team being arrested emerged at around 14:32 on Tuesday. The reports alleged that New York police had arrested two members of the media team and one other unnamed individual.

"2 members of #OccupyWallStreet media team & another person arrested for trying to use a tarp to protect communications equipment from rain," read the AnonOps tweet.

The group soon followed up the initial tweet alleging the police had confiscated some of the media team's equipment. The two tweets also included a link to a video allegedly showing the media team members' arrest.

"#OccupyWallStreet - They have the TV, now they have some of our computers - Watch arrest of the media team member >>" 15:16 AnonOps," read AnonOps' second tweet. "#OccupyWallStreet & #TakeWallStreet - Watch Violent #NYPD arresting us >>"

The reported arrests come alongside numerous reports on Twitter from individuals claiming to be a part of the protest suggesting an increased police presence on Wall Street.

"Need someone checking #NYPD scanner immediately plz. Increased police presence. Something doesn't feel right. #LibertyPlaza #ourwallstreet," tweeted one protester just after Anonymous' initial tweet.

Since the news broke a number of fresh images and videos have appeared across the internet showing police, at times violently, arresting protesters who in the footage appear to be cooperating.

The statement and call for aid comes just after the third of day Adbusters' Occupy Wall Street campaign came to a close. The campaign began Saturday with around 1,000 individuals rallying in Manhattan's Financial District. The initial call-to-arms asked for 20,000.

Reports now generally estimate the number of protesters at around 200, though it is worth noting a number of claims sent to the IBTimes have since disputed this, claiming the actual number is far higher.

The campaign is reportedly being enacted to protest Wall Street's current influence on American policy. Since being announced it has garnered widespread support from numerous groups, including the infamous Anonymous collective.

A selection of the videos showing the arrests can be viewed here.