A politician in Russia has died after he broke his back while jumping into a pit of foam inside a trampoline park. Sergey Popovich, 54, was at the park in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, with his teenage son when the incident happened. He had tried to somersault into a pit of foam pieces but hit his head when he landed awkwardly, breaking his back.

Footage from the incident shows Popovich jumping into the foam without re-emerging. After a few seconds, someone already in the pit, thought to be his son, realises that something has gone wrong and is seen wading through the foam pieces to find Popovich.

Emergency services were called to the Planeta entertainment centre after staff failed to realise what had happened. However, he was declared dead at the scene by the time paramedics were able to reach him.

Popovich had been the deputy of Turukhansk regional council since 2015 and headed up the region's economic policy. According to The Mirror, he was also a successful businessman, owning several large stores in the area.

The footage was uploaded online by and unknown user and appears to be the CCTV film from the centre itself.

Russian politician dies in trampoline park accident
The politician jumped into the foam pieces but landed on his head, breaking his back LifeCorr application