Pope Francis Falklands Argentina
Pope Francis met an Argentinian veteran of the Falklands War at the Vatican Reuters

Pope Francis mistakenly said the "f" word in Italian in a sermon from the Vatican.

The Argentinian Pope meant to say the word "caso", which means case, but he said instead "cazzo", which corresponds to the English f-word, a rather common mistake for non-native Italian speakers.

In his sermon, the pope had been urging a peaceful solution to the crisis in the Ukraine.

The Daily Mail reports the pontiff as saying: "It is my wish that all the components of the country will endeavour to overcome misunderstandings and build together the future of the nation.

"I make a heartfelt appeal to the international community to support every initiative on behalf of dialogue and harmony.

"A heart full of longing for possession is a heart empty of God.

"For this, Jesus many times chastised the rich because the risk for them to seek security in the wealth of this world is high.

"In this f***... in this case the providence of God is made visible as gesture of solidarity."

Many commented on the slip-up on the internet, some clarified that this is a common mistake made by Spanish speakers.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the 266th and current Pope of the Catholic Church. Elected in 2013, he is the first Jesuit and first Latin American to become pontiff.