Thousands of Coptic Christians gathered at Cairo's major cathedral to mourn the death of Pope Shenouda III who died on Saturday.

An estimated 100,000 weeping mourners kept a vigil outside the St Mark's Cathedral in Cairo on Saturday night praying for the Pope.

The Sunday morning mass was also attended by thousands with the Pope's body sat in the ceremonial throne wearing golden, embroidered robes, golden mitre and holding a gold-topped staff.

Tributes were pouring in from different parts of the world in praise of Pope Shenouda, who headed the church for forty years.

US President Barack Obama and Pope Benedict VI offered their prayers and condolences at the death of Pope Shenouda.

"We will remember Pope Shenouda III as a man of deep faith, a leader of a great faith, and an advocate for unity and reconciliation," Obama said in a statement.

Pope Shenouda III, 88, died of cancer related ailments and old age. His funeral will be held on Tuesday, according to the Egyptian state media.

Take a look at the scenes of public viewing of the body of Pope Shenouda on Sunday: