Pornography site Pornhub is taking Amazon's lead and opening up a physical store for its die-hard fans.

The store opens on Friday (24 November) in New York City and will stay open until December 20. It will be based in Soho, one of New York's trendiest suburbs.

But the big question is, what will the store sell? The Pornhub pop-up will stock "premium sex toys" and Pornhub branded merchandise and gear.

It promises to be "perfect for everyone both naughty and nice on your holiday shopping list". Also on the shelves will be books, sex games and herbal aphrodisiacs.

The venture is a partnership with the Museum of Sex and the opening will be live-streamed on the Pornhub website. It will be open 11am to 8pm Monday to Saturday and 12pm to 7pm on Sundays.

UK residents keen to visit a Pornhub store can make a shorter trip to Milan, which is opening a shop opposite Corsa Como. The Milan shop will open on 1 December and will stay open until New Year's Eve.

Amazon recently unveiled a pop-up shop in London as part of a Black Friday promotion. Although nothing in the shop is for sale, shoppers can scan items and have them delivered. The shop opened on Tuesday (21 November) and will close on Friday (24 November).