While snorkelling off the coast of Florida, United States, Andrew Eddy was attacked by what is believed to be a bull shark on Sunday, September 20 at around 10:30 am local time. Ignoring her own safety, his wife Margot Dukes-Eddy jumped into the water to rescue him. She swam to her husband and dragged him back to the boat. After being sped to shore, the shark attack victim was airlifted to a hospital. He was treated for the injury to his shoulder.

Margot and her husband were on a boat with more members of her family. From the Florida Keys coast, the group had taken the boat out to Sombrero Reef which is a popular snorkelling spot. There were already many swimmers in the water when the family reached the spot. The woman's father, sister and sister's partner entered the water before Andrew. However, as soon as the man entered the water, he was bitten by the shark.

The 29-year-old woman saw blood fill the water around her husband. Worried for his safety, the mother-to-be jumped into the water. She grabbed Andrew and pulled him onto the boat. The rest of the family also returned to the boat. Emergency services were notified as the family sped back to shore.

They reached Sombrero Beach in Marathon where emergency services were waiting. Monroe County air-ambulance flew Andrew to Ryder Trauma Centre at Jackson Memorial Hospital, the Miami Herald reported. He had sustained a deep wound to his shoulder where the shark bit him.

Margot's family refused to comment on the incident and a spokesperson from the hospital requested privacy on behalf of the family. The extent of the injury and the victim's present condition remains unknown.

Monroe County Sheriff's Office confirmed the incident. A spokesperson said that before Andrew was attacked, Margot saw a dorsal fin in the water. They said that the attack was investigated. Deputies questioned other snorkelers and boaters in the area. Some boaters confirmed seeing an eight to nine foot long bull shark in the area. However, there were no reports of fishing or chumming in the area before the unprovoked attack.

Bull Shark
A pregnant woman rescued her husband after a bull shark attacked him. (representational image) true-wildlife.blogspot.com