A safety inspector fell to his death in a workplace accident at a gravy factory owned by Premier Foods.

Nigel Chester, 46, plummeted 13ft onto a gravy-making machine after stepping through a door to nowhere at the plant in Worksop, Nottinghamshire.

He landed on the equipment - which makes gravy for famous brands such as Bisto and Oxo – with an "alien sound."

Lester had been checking smoke machines and using a master key to unlock doors which staff had given him.

An inquest into his death heard he used it to unlock the door which had been installed for a gantry which had not been built.

The door was plastered with a large sign warning of the sheer drop behind it.

Assistant coroner Andrew McNamara said: "A door was installed for access from the first floor but it was then decided the gantry wasn't necessary.

"Shortly before the incident, Mr Chester checked a sensor on the first floor. He then unlocked the door and stepped into the void."

Lester died of "horrific" injuries, said a first-aider who rushed to the scene.

"It was horrific. He had serious injuries to his head. When I was told, I ran to security to get the defibrillator because I could tell it was serious.

"I checked his pulse and it was quite strong, and he was breathing, but he didn't say anything to us."

Chester's death was ruled an accident by a jury following a two-day inquest.