The Premier League is considering a plan to finish their currently halted season. In order to do that, four matches could be played in a day at Wembley.

It has been several weeks since football and other sports in England and Europe, along with most major countries around the world, have been on hold because of the unprecedented spread of the novel coronavirus.

It had been previously announced that matches in England would remain suspended until at least April 3. However, the league's restart date was further postponed to the end of the current month before being suspended indefinitely.

As of now, the league authorities are considering all the possible options, including the completion of the tournament by scheduling games in quick succession.

Reportedly, it was suggested that the season could be declared null, which could have possibly meant that Liverpool won't be able to get their hands on the Premier League trophy after 30 years. This would be a big blow to team, which now has a 25-point lead at the top of the table. Consequently, no promotions or relegations would have been considered if the season is abandoned.

However, that option is not likely to be implemented, since the league administrators are very much committed to finishing their season by any means. This is mainly because the league has over £720 million in broadcast costs at stake.

Premier League clubs are desperately looking for ways to avoid paying back such an overwhelming amount of money to the TV companies. As of now, discussions are been held to figure out the best way to end this year's campaign.

Indeed, the financial ramifications for several clubs would be huge in case the season is cancelled altogether. However, Express reports that English football could be back in June. If that happens, the games are certain to be played behind closed doors. This will ensure that all the matches could be watched exclusively on TV.

Reportedly, a source said, "By June or July they will be playing games solely as TV events. If they have to play four games a day at Wembley to get it done, they will do that."

Premier League trophy
Premier League trophy

In an attempt to ensure that the season is finished within a time frame that will allow enough time for the clubs to prepare for their next campaign, the league authorities have suggested Wembley as a neutral ground for regular matches.