Nicolas Sarkozy
France's President Nicolas Sarkozy on Friday applauded the deal Greece reached with its private bondholders. Reuters/Robert Pratta

French president Nicolas Sarkozy is in the mood for retiring from politics should he fail to get re-elected in the presidential election over April and May. According to a BBC report, he told his colleagues that he would quit active politics if he fails to win.

One reported options is to follow in the footsteps of former British prime minister Tony Blair and concentrate on making money. Sarkozy has said that he could resume his law practice as he is a qualified lawyer with a functional office.

According to another report, Sarkozy would prefer a calmer life where he could travel and work a three-day week.

The first round of elections is slated for April with the penultimate and final rounds taking place in May. Among those standing against Sarkozy are socialist Francois Hollande and far-right National Front leader Marine le Pen.