Previously unseen photographs of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as a child have been broadcast by the country's state-run TV channel.

Kim Jong-un as a child
Pictures of Kim Jong-un as a child KCTV

The photos were shown on a large screen at a concert attended by North Korean air force personnel.

The pictures show the young Kim wearing military-style outfits, smiling or saluting for the camera.

Another picture shows a slightly older boy in what appears to be the cockpit of an aircraft.

kim jong un child plane
A young Kim Jong-un at the controls of an aeroplane KCTV

At the end of the concert, Kim Jong-un meets members of the audience. Shots show uniformed women clapping and crying.

Female members of the audience cry and cheer their leader KCTV

The concert took place on April 16, according to North Korea's official news agency KCNA.

Kim writing
Kim Jong-un, again wearing a military uniform, is pictured writing or drawing KCTV