ProjectPM: Anonymous Hackers Reveal Qorvis Political Misdirection
Image Credit: Qorivs

Anonymous hackers have attacked controversial PR firm Qorvis over its alleged pro-Bahrain government propaganda.

Anonymous criticised Qorvis's "heavy Wikipedia edits" suggesting that the firm was intentionally using the online encyclopedia to spread false information. The statement specifically mentioned Qorvis's representation of the Bahrain government during the country's ongoing uprising as its primary motivation for the attack.

" enterprise behind #Bahrain crimes, and how they've manipulated Wikipedia #Anonymous #OWS" read the AnonymousIRC Twitter account's tweet.

Linking to a document on Pastebin, Anonymous claimed to have evidence of the firm's edits, linking a number of IPs responsible for heavy edits to Qorvis client's Wikipedia pages with the PR firm.

"There is a lengthy page of Wikipedia edits for an unnamed user with the IP The IP belongs to" read one claim.

The post alleged to have linked company IPs to edits on numerous Qorvis clients including Plasan - an Israeli owned military contractor - and the Fijian, Mexican and Kuwaiti governments.

In the past the firm has come under criticism, with numerous groups suggesting it was taking illegal payments to represent rogue nations. In Bahrain, filings from the Foreign Agents Registration with the Department of Justice suggest the regime's government pays Qorvis $40,000 per month to manage its image during the ongoing civil protests.

UPDATE 15/02/2012 13:52 Qorvis's Matt Lauer has contacted the IBTimes UK stating "the post primarily contains open source material from our web site which has been cut and pasted into pastebin. In fact, there is not a single link in that pastebin post to any Wikipedia edits on behalf of Bahrain."