We have in the past heard of deaths caused due to people playing Pokémon Go while driving or venturing into dangerous territories. Pokémon Go is actually a very peaceful game. PUBG (Player Unknown Battlegrounds) isn't.

The first person shooter game, which is popular across the globe, has been repeatedly called out for increasing violent tendencies among players, and spurring addiction. In an incident that can only be termed as bizarre, a 21-year old man killed his father because he regularly urged him to stop playing the game.

Indian publication The News Minute reported Monday that a man named Raghuveer Kammaar, from the Southern State of Karnataka, killed his father on Sunday because of his addiction to PUBG. He had asked his father, Shankarappa Kammaar for money to recharge his mobile data so that he could be connected to the Internet to play the game.

When his father refused to provide him with this money, the youth killed him in the most gruesome way – beheading him and chopping off his legs.

The primary reason behind the murder is Raghuveer's addiction to PUBG, according to the state police.

"Shankrappa was working in the police department. He had been trying to get his son off PUBG for months now. He had told his colleagues that his son was addicted to the game. Over the last few months too, he had advised Raghuveer to stop playing the game but the boy did not listen to him. Raghuveer was not going to college and was also unemployed," the district inspector, Shivanand Koujalgi, told the publication.

"When everyone went to sleep, Raghuveer slit his father's throat, beheaded him and also cut off his legs. He then took his phone and ran away from the house," he further added.

He was arrested on Monday and confessed to the murder.

PUBG is very popular in India, but has repeatedly been a subject of controversies, mostly because of the nature of the game and its addictive gameplay. Some Indian states have even taken the game down during the exam season and the demand to outlaw it completely have also risen in the country.

The developer, PUBG corporation has in turn started issuing warning when users play the game at a stretch.

Given this incident, it seems much more needs to be done.

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