PUBG Ending
The nude player in the final moments of this game of PUBG. PUBG Corp

Anything can happen in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Someone might land the headshot of a lifetime and end your game in a split second, a vehicle might decide it's better off exploding than navigating its way off a bump in the road, or a player with no clothes on might appear from nowhere and gift you a precious win.

That's what happened to player R0b113 and his friend Josh, who were cruising to a win together in duos. After spotting and taking out one of the two remaining players, they considered their final move only to be interrupted.

"Hey guys," said the final player, meaning he had to be close by.

Rob turned to see the player laying on the ground near the edge of the blue forcefield that encircles that game's safe area of play. He had no weapons, no obvious gear, and was wearing only underpants.

"You can go ahead and kill me. I don't care," he said. "Go ahead and kill me, it's just me left. You can go ahead and kill me, I don't care. I made it all the way."

The two kitted-out players approached the nude player, who then said: "Actually, you know what? I'm just gonna die from the wall." He stepped outside the safe area and died quickly, gifting an unexpected chicken dinner to the pair.

"I'm actually impressed," Josh said.

The player wasn't attempting a pacifist run - in which players attempt to win without killing another soul, and in this case without collecting any items of armour, or even clothing - despite his appearance.

A user commenting on the story on Reddit looked up the game's stats and found that the nude player had three kills under his belt.

Perhaps after his Duos partner died he threw caution to the wind and wanted to attempt something silly, only to find himself going up against two players he was never likely to beat without items.

Regardless of how and why, it gave us one of the best endings to a game of PUBG since these boys went for a swim.