Every year in the town of Killorglin, a wild goat is crowned king during one of Ireland's oldest festivals. Puck Fair is held from 10 to 12 August every year in the picturesque town on the banks of River Laune in County Kerry. A wild goat is caught in the mountains above the town and paraded through the streets, accompanied by the Queen of Puck, a local schoolgirl.

The goat is crowned King Puck and put into a small cage on the top of a tall tower in middle of the town square, where he is kept for the duration of the festival – three days. There's a horse market on the first day and a cattle market on the second, and plenty of drinking and carousing throughout.

At the end of the festival, King Puck is brought down from the tower, dethroned, and returned to his mountain home. The origins of Puck Fair (from Aonach an Phoic, meaning "Fair of the Billy-Goat") are unclear, but it dates back at least 400 years. King James I issued a charter granting legal status to the fair in 1603.