Qatar will be stripped of the 2022 World Cup on medical grounds, a Fifa executive has claimed.

Theo Zwanziger said scorching temperatures in the Middle Eastern meant not even proposed air-conditioned stadia would be approved by medics and sweltering conditions would be unsuitable for fans.

The former German Football Association president, who now sits on the executive committee of football's governing body, said travelling supporters could face "life-threatening conditions" that Fifa would not want to be help culpable for.

"I personally think that in the end, the 2022 World Cup will not take place in Qatar," the German told Sport Bild.

"Medics say that they cannot accept responsibility with a World Cup taking place under these conditions."

"They may be able to cool the stadiums but a World Cup does not take place only there. Fans from around the world will be coming and travelling in this heat and the first life-threatening case will trigger an investigation by a state prosecutor.

"That is not something that Fifa Exco members want to answer for."

Energy rich Qatar is determined to host the 2022 World Cup and has so far spent £300m preparing the country's facilities.

It is planning to build state-of-the-art air-conditioned stadia as well as fan zones to promote its image on the global stage - it already sponsors French league champions Paris Saint-Germain, while Qatar Airways is emblazoned across Barcelona's shirt.

Qatar 2022 World Cup stadium
The Doha Port stadium was one of the grounds proposed for the Qatar 2022 World Cup Getty