Jubilee prices
Hotel prices are expected to rise an average of 54% during jubilee bank holiday but in some places that could hit 81% (Reuters)

Hotel prices in London during the Queen's diamond jubilee bank holiday weekend are set to rise by up to 81 percent.

The average price of a hotel in the capital over the long jubilee weekend, which ends on 6 June, will rise by 54 percent, or around £1,043, as hotels cash in on the expected influx of tourists to the capital.

Research, carried out by Santander, warns that many families considering a break in the capital during the weekend of celebration will be priced out of the city. The premiums are significantly higher than they were during the 2011 royal wedding, which saw thousands of extra people flock to London.

Families of two adults and two children considering a stay in one of London's five-star hotels would be looking at an average weekend price of £4,590 for their stay - the equivalent of an 81 percent increase. Three-star hotel customers will be looking at an average premium of 26 percent, with prices of about £1,003 for the jubilee period.

Adam Smith, Sandtander spokesman, said: "Demand for hotel rooms in London is likely to be fierce over the jubilee bank holiday weekend so we'd expect to see inflated room rates but the premiums our research has uncovered will price many families out of the capital altogether.

"Families hoping to book a hotel stay around June 6 can still avoid some of the steeper premiums by shopping around for the best deal or if they have transportation, considering a location that is slightly less central."

Cities across the UK have followed suit and added premiums to any stay, although they are more modest than the average. In Edinburgh, families should expect to face a premium of around 28 percent, the equivalent of around £312, while Manchester tourists will only face a premium of around 8 percent over the period.