Australian Outback incest family
Home for the Australian Outback incest family: a tumbledown shed covered in corrugated tin, rags and plastic. A kangaroo was found asleep on the bed of one child (Supplied)

The first photos of the incest camp discovered in an Australian valley have been released, offering a glimpse into the shocking conditions that deformed and mute children lived under.

The released photos, published by, show the path leading to the cult camp in New South Wales and two of the sheds where 40 adults and children lived in gruesome conditions.

One photograph shows a ramshackle shed covered in cotton and iron sheets.The surfaces of the stoves were covered in dirt, rotten vegetables were stored in the fridge, and a kangaroo was found to be sleeping on one of the children's beds.

Australian Outback incest family shed
This ramshackle shed at the incest cult camp in Australia shows the horrific conditions children were made to live in (Supplied)

The children lived in absolute squalor with no toilets, showers or baths on the site. Electric wires and chainsaws were strewn around the camp.

The children found by police were physically impaired and mentally scarred by years of deprivation and generations of imbreeding. One police officer told her colleague that she would "never get over what I saw there".

One nine-year-old girl could not hear, write or speak. She was unable to bathe or dry herself and did not know how to use a toilet.

Australian Outback incest family road
The lonely road leading to the camp where the family of 40 lived in appalling conditions (Supplied)

Another child, named in court as Bobby, 15, had severe psoriasis, soiled his bed regularly and had the learning ability of a nursery-age toddler.

Fourteen-year-old Kimberly was severely underweight and unable to clean her teeth, comb her hair or use toilet paper.

The mother, Betty, had 13 children, fathered by various members of her family including her father, Tim, and brother, Charlie.

Court documents revealed that the incest dated back to great-great grandparents who were brother and sister. The family continued to inbreed with the children having sex with each other as soon as they were of age.

For many, the discovery of the incest family was reminiscent of the incestuous hillbillies depicted in the 1970s Burt Reynolds film Deliverance

Details of the case were made public on the instruction of judges at the New South Wales Children's Court and, since the discrovery of the group, several children have been placed in foster care and counselling programmes.