Remember the College of Wizardry, the four-day larp (Live-Action Role Play) event held in a Polish castle? Of course you do. Now Claus Raasted, project co-ordinator, is turning to crowdfunding to create a permanent home for the magical college.

Raasted, also the voice-over in the video phenomenon that was Lars Anderson's Hollywood archery myth debunking video, has been producing larp events for 20 years and is an expert in the field, having his events covered by national Danish media, the Discovery Channel and Hong Kong tabloids.

His latest volunteer project blew through the media ceiling, though. The larp College of Wizardry, was about a magical school (Hogwarts, anyone?) and was played by 138 participants from 11 different countries at the fairytale castle of Czocha in Poland.

College of Wizardry received unprecedented global attention and has been featured in a staggering amount of international media, ranging from English language titles such as Time, People, Vice and MTV to local newspapers in Ecuador and obscure blogs in Taiwan. After all, what Harry Potter fan doesn't want to actually be a wizard? When the team behind the event announced two follow-up events in April 2015, tickets sold out in less than 90 seconds and the ticket servers crashed.

Now Raasted and his team of volunteers from the non-profit organisations Liveform (Poland) and Rollespilsfabrikken (Denmark) are creating an original story world for College of Wizardry to take place in, and are launching an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign with the aim of creating more larp events.

The modest goal is to raise at least $50,000 (£32,452), but as Raasted says in the call-to-action video:

"If we raise more money, we can do more events. And if we manage to raise one million dollars, then we'll buy our own freakin' castle in Poland. That's the dream."

The campaign goes live on Indiegogo on 28 February. Your reporter will certainly be donating.