Shortly after Angel Marie the pony was born, she was stepped on by her mother which left her with terrible injuries to her front legs.

But for Derrick Campana, the 'Dr Dolittle' of animal prosthetics, no case is too challenging.

Campana is the CEO of Animal Ortho Care in Sterling, Virginia, which fashions prosthetics and non-invasive techniques to help rehabilitate animals unable to walk.

He says watching Angel Marie walk after treatment was emotional. "Seeing her walk, and having her here today walking is just a dream come true. A miracle," Campana said.

The goal of Animal Ortho Care is to provide the highest quality orthotics and prosthetics to help animals live a happy and fulfilled life, by correcting or accommodating limbs that have been disabled through trauma, illness or old age.

Campana originally worked with people, but discovered his true passion was working with animals. His very first non-human patient was a black labrador with a congenital deformity named Charles.

Some of his most challenging cases have included Maxi – a dog suffering multiple joint contractures on all four limbs – and Mia, an elbow amputee dog, who will now go on to be a ring bearer at a wedding.

Angel Marie the pony takes her first steps Reuters