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A recruitment consultant was thrown in a jail cell in Dubai after being accused of having sex in the back of a taxi.

Rebecca Black, 27, was held in custody for five days for sex and alcohol offences, reported The Sun.

She now faces up to three years in prison if she is found guilty of the sex offence.

Black denies all allegations and even claims she was on her own in the cab when it is said to have taken place.

It was claimed that the alarm was raised by a cab driver who picked her up and saw her being overly friendly with a male accomplice.

The driver abruptly halted the car and ran to grab a police driver in a nearby squad car.

When he returned, Black was allegedly having sex, naked, in the back of the taxi with Irishman Conor Reading.

They were bailed from custody by Rowley Rees, a pal of Black's who lives in Dubai.

Police would only comment that the case was still under investigation and samples of DNA have been sent off to forensic teams.

Black told the Sun: "It's all total bull****. I have no idea where these sex allegations have come from because none were put to me by the authorities.

"I was arrested for having a bottle of beer in the back of a cab, not having sex. That is all. I was alone in the vehicle."