Reddit Mobile app for Android UI
Reddit has finally released its official mobile app Reddit

Social news and community site Reddit has finally launched its official app for Android and iOS, a day after it posted on Facebook about the expected launch. However, the app is currently available only in select countries like the UK, US, Canada and Australia with no indication from the company when other regions will get it.

The company used none other than its own platform to share the news, where Alex Le, Reddit's vice president of consumer product, detailed on what the app would incorporate. Talking about the features of the app, he said: "This is the beginning of our journey with you. For everyone joining us on this ride, you can expect a lot of updates and new features that we'll be rolling out to mobile first. Our first feature releases are getting prepared now and we'll be updating at least once a month."

The newly-launched app, which has been in test mode for a while, features in-line images, night theme, compact and card views, and simpler navigation. Reddit is also offering users who download the app within the first week a free trial of Reddit's ad-free gold membership for three months.

The post details that for iOS users the app will only work with iPhones as it is currently incompatible with Apple's tablets like the iPad Pro, iPad Mini or iPad Air. Additionally, Alien Blue, which has been the official third-party Reddit app for sometime now, is being removed from the iOS App Store. The paid iPad version will remain available until Reddit develops its own dedicated tablet app.