A polar bear cub made its first public appearance at a Russian zoo. The cub also got its first taste of swimming - and didn't look too sure about it.

cub tongue

The five-month-old cub emerged from its den at the Leningrad Zoo in St Petersburg with its mother Uslada. When she dived into the pool in their enclosure, the cub cautiously followed her in.

After paddling around and playing with a ball for a minute or two, the cub had had enough and clambered out.

The cub will be given a name once staff have determined whether it is male or female. This is the 17th cub born to the zoo's breeding pair, Uslada and Menshikov.

The Leningrad Zoo, whose logo includes a polar bear, is the oldest zoo in Russia, being founded in 1865. It is a world leader in polar bear breeding and conservation.