Multivitamins Do not Improve Health
Researchers have found intake of multivitamins does not improve health conditions. Reuters

If you thought multivitamin tablets can keep you healthy then think twice. A latest study says that might not be the case.

Millions of pounds are spent on buying Vitamins A, B, C, D and other supplements.

A study published by the International Journal of Epidemiology has found that people taking multivitamin tablets are equally prone to cancer and heart diseases as compared to people who don't take those vitamins, reports the Daily Mail.

Scientists have conducted the study observing more than 8,000 people over six years; a set of people consumed vitamins, while the other was on "dummy" pills, reports the newspaper.

The group taking vitamin pills regularly did not report any significant positive change in their health.

A common perception with pill users is that it will protect them against incurable diseases.

Researchers from Nancy University, France, studied 8,112 volunteers who were taking either a placebo capsule, or one containing vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, selenium and zinc, every day for just over six years, reports the newspaper.

When both the groups were asked about their state of health, there was very little difference in their responses.

The study found that 30.2 percent of people on supplements were suffering from some major health ailments.

In the placebo group, 30.4 percent of people suffered from health ailments.

Researchers concluded that "the perception that supplementation improves general well-being is not supported by this trial," reports the Daily Mail.