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GOP Debate
This is the last Republican debate before the Super Tuesday primaries on March 1. Getty Images
  • Only five candidates remain in the running for the Republican nomination: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson and John Kasich.
  • Frontrunner Donald Trump is coming off three state wins in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. He leads with 82 delegates.
  • The GOP debate was hosted by CNN and Spanish-language network Telemundo and focused on many issues affecting Latino voters.

That's a wrap of tonight's debate coverage. It was a lively debate, with Rubio and Cruz bringing out all their best attacks for Trump. Kasich got plenty of talk time, much more than in previous debates. Carson, however, proved he does not really belong on stage. These candidates will now focus on campaigning ahead of Super Tuesday.

Closing statements:

  • Ben Carson asks America to join hands with him to revive America.
  • John Kasich says that he hopes tonight's debate proves that executive experience does matter. Says he will "hit the ground running" if elected.
  • Marco Rubio says the "time for games is over," and calls for an end to the silliness and looniness.
  • Ted Cruz says he will rescind all executive orders on his first day in office, will call on the Department of Justice to investigate Planned Parenthood, among other moves.
  • Donald Trump says he knows politicians and that he will actually get things done if elected.

We're nearing the two and a half hour mark. Candidates are expected to give their closing statements to this very lively debate in just a few minutes.

Rubio says bankruptcies don't work if how things are run don't change.

Trump is asked about a different border: the US-Canada border. He's asked why he doesn't want to build a wall along the Canadian border if terrorists can come in through the northern border. He says drugs from Mexico are a bigger threat.

Question: Do you stand in favour of national security or privacy in the government's dispute with Apple?

Both Rubio and Cruz say that Apple should work with the federal government to unlock the phone in connection to the San Bernardino shooting. However, they both agree the government should not be allowed to force Apple to create a backdoor programme.

Can someone attack me, please?

-Ben Carson

Discussing the ceasefire in Syria and general unrest in the Arab world, Trump says terrorist groups would not have found a footing in Libya and Iraq if Qaddafi and Saddam were still in power.

Kasich vehemently supports giving defence aid to allies Japan and South Korea to ward off North Korea instability. Trump argues that the US must begin getting reimbursed for taking care of other countries. Kasich agrees that the US must push its allies in Asia and Europe to step up, but also called for reforming the Pentagon.

The candidates are discussing the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Trump says he does not want to take sides, but adds he is very pro-Israel. Kasich, Cruz and Rubio are against being neutral and express their support for Israel.

Rubio's campaign was quick to pounce on his quip on Trump's inheritance and his success.

Marco Rubio campaign

The candidates are asked when they will be releasing their taxes. Trump claims he's being audited and cannot release them. Rubio says he will release them "tomorrow or Saturday". Cruz, meanwhile, says he's released five years worth of taxes and plans to release two more years tomorrow.

Next issue is taxes and it appears to be a back-and-forth between Trump and Kasich. Kasich has always spoken about how he has managed to balance the budget in Ohio, which Trump said was helped by Ohio "striking oil".

"I will not allow people to die on the sidewalks and streets in our country."

- Donald Trump. Adds that he wants private healthcare.

Up next: Obamacare and pre-existing conditions

Rubio and Trump went back and forth about Trump's alleged planned to replace Obamacare. Things got nasty real quick, as Rubio demanded Trump produce an actual plan and then attacked him for repeating himself.

Kasich is brought into the fold regarding religious freedom. He says he does not believe business owners should be allowed to reject providing services to customers based on religious differences. "If you don't agree with their lifestyle, say a prayer for them and hope they change their lifestyle," he adds.

Trump said that "millions" of women are helped by Planned Parenthood, but said he would still defund it because he is against abortion.

When you say crazy zealot, are you talking about you?

- Donald Trump to Ted Cruz

Next topic: religious liberty and filling in the vacancy in the Supreme Court.

Trump is asked about his support among Latinos. After winning the Latino vote in Nevada, Trump claims he's widely supported by Latino voters. After being asked about a Telemundo poll that claims 3 in 4 Latinos do not like Trump, he responds, "I don't believe anything Telemundo says."

It should be noted that Telemundo is a partner host of this debate.

We are the party of diversity, not the Democratic Party.

-Marco Rubio

Rubio is asked about comments he made about DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Action). In a Spanish interview, Rubio said he would get rid of the executive action eventually. However, in English interviews he's said he would end it on his first day of his presidency. He clarifies that he will end the executive action, and would not allow those under the programme to renew their permits to stay in the US and would not allow new applicants.

Trump is asked how exactly he plans to make Mexico pay for a wall on the US-Mexico border. Mexican President Peña Nieto's spokesperson said Mexico will not pay for the wall. Two former presidents, including Vicente Fox, also said the country would not pay for the proposed wall. When asked if he would go into a trade war with Mexico, Trump said he would. That brought Rubio swinging.

Ohio Governor John Kasich is finally brought intro the immigration fray. He says he supports giving the 11m undocumented immigrants a path to legalisation. Kasich brings up President Bush's immigration plan to close the border and says that is the way to go. Suggests making immigrants who have not committed crimes pay back taxes, a fine and even some community service before putting them on a path to legalisation.

Marco Rubio attacks Trump for hiring thousand foreign workers to work his hotels and properties in Florida instead of hiring Americans. Trump says he could not find Americans to apply to his seasonal jobs.

Donald Trump is asked about his immigration reform proposal, which would deport 11m undocumented immigrants but would allow the "good ones" come back to the US. The GOP frontrunner says that if he hadn't brought up immigration, it wouldn't be an issue discussed during this campaign season.

Each candidate is given 30 seconds for an opening statement. The candidates will have 1.15 minutes to answer questions and 30 seconds for follow-ups and rebuttals.

The candidates are on the stage and it looks like the crowd is as equally as impressive. Former President George HW Bush and his wife Barbara Bush are in attendance for the debate. The presidential couple's son Jeb Bush recently suspended his campaign, following disastrous performance in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

We're just minutes away from the GOP debate kicking off. If you're following along on Twitter, be sure to check out the #YODECIDO and #GOPDebate.

Welcome to our live coverage of the final GOP debate before Super Tuesday on 1 March. There are hundreds of delegates at stake on Super Tuesday, which could push Trump that much closer to nabbing his party's nomination. Here's where the candidates stand on delegate counts:

  • Donald Trump: 82 delegates
  • Ted Cruz: 17 delegates
  • Marco Rubio: 16 delegates
  • John Kasich: 6 delegates
  • Ben Carson: 5 delegates