The tomb of the Ottoman Empire ruler Suleiman the Magnificent is thought to have been found in Hungary, after years of searching. It is said to contain the sultan's heart and organs after being buried, although up to now, nobody knew exactly where the site was.

The research team looking for the tomb has been excavating the site believed to have been the exact spot where Suleiman died nearly 450 years ago. The team has been digging since October 2013, and is now very confident that the search is coming to an end.

"Everybody in Turkey wonders where the tomb is," said Sakir Fakili, ambassador for Turkey in Budapest. "Now at last we are approaching the answer."

The researchers have managed to liken the decorations and wall fragments of the tomb to the same ones used where the rest of Suleiman's body is buried in Turkey. The site itself matches historical drawings of where the tomb is believed to be.

Leader of the researchers, Norbert Pap, said: "We have data which all points in the same direction. You can bet that this is it, it is practically certain."

The team is eager to keep excavating the tomb, but the winter has stopped it from moving forward. Digging is expected to resume in April 2016.

While the body of Suleiman was returned to Constantinople – or Istanbul as we know it now – the heart and organs were buried at the place of his death. He died attacking a Hungarian castle in Szigetvar, close to the south-west border of Hungary, in 1566.

The team has also discovered the remains of an ancient Ottoman Hungarian town. It found the ruins of a monastery, a mosque, and other buildings which researchers believe to be the remains of the Ottoman town Turbek.

"The find is remarkable as the town is unique for Ottoman Hungary," said Pap. "The Ottomans tended to occupy existing towns in the territories they conquered instead of building their own."

Suleiman the Magnificent was the longest reigning sultan of the Ottoman Expire, ruling for 46 years. He is considered the most successful leader among experts, as the empire greatly expanded during Suleiman's time in charge.