David Cameron
Would you pay £50,000 to have dinner with this man? Carl Court/Getty Images

The Conservative Party has published a list of movers and shakers from the world of business who fork out a small fortune - at least, for them - to dine with Prime Minister David Cameron and senior ministers including George Osborne, William Hague and Theresa May.

As revealed by Politics Home the list of members of the "Leader's Group" includes some of the most important figures from the worlds of banking, property and energy. It is believed each guest paid £50,000 for the privilege, making a significant contribution to Tory Party coffers.

Westfield shopping centre boss Michael Gutman is among those listed as a member, as is developer Roger Orf. Lehman's Roger Nagioff, Adrian Beecroft, and hedge fund boss Neil Ostrer also dined at the top table between July and September 2014 according to the list.

Alexander Temerko
Ukrainian-born businessman Alexander Temerko is a member of the exclusive Leader's Group alexandertemerko.co.uk

Some of the more colourful characters include billionaire James Stunt, other half of Bernie Ecclestone's daughter Petra. Stunt, whose fortune derives from shipping, mining and gambling, owns works of art by Picasso, Degas and Constable as well as a collection of luxury cars including three Lamborghinis and five Rolls Royces.

Ukrainian-born oil and gas boss Alexander Temerko is also a member of the Leader's Group, despite being wanted for questioning about fraud allegations concerning his tenure as vice-president of oil company Yukos in Russia. Company boss Mikhail Khodorkovsky was jailed for eight years. Temerko, who became a British citizen in 2011, denies all charges and a judge agreed the case was "politically motivated."

Last year it was revealed by The Mirror that Temerko paid out £90,000 on a bust of David Cameron, a few months after after his renewable energy company Offshore Group Newcastle received £4.5m from the taxpayer.

Although there was no suggestion of wrongdoing, Labour vice-chairman Michael Dugher said at the time: "We know David Cameron only stands up for a privileged few while ordinary people are on average nearly £1,500 a year worse off under his Government. For the PM to invite the mega-rich to splash out on a bust of himself shows just how vain and out of touch he is."

The Conservatives state on their website: "Unlike Labour, we are not funded by the Trade Unions. Instead, we rely on the generosity of individual Conservative supporters and members." If £50,000 seems a bit steep, you can join the Treasurers' Group for just £25,000. The Renaissance Forum is even better value at £10,000 while for just £2,000 you can become a member of Team 2000.