As pressure builds outside the Greek Parliament, with hundreds of people protesting over the harsh austerity measures imposed upon them, you only have to look inside to see what they are unhappy about. The Greek Finance Minister, Yannis Stournaras, is today presenting his new 2013 budget to the rest of the government.

Today the revised budget - on which all parties within the ruling has now agreed - was presented. With their latest predictions saying their economy will shrink by 4.5% next year, compared toa previous forecast of 3.8% and a bigger public debt, revised up by almost 10% to 189.1% of GDP, the country will move into its sixth year of recession.

Meanwhile outside Parliament anger grows amongst the people who've travelled there from Florina on the border of Macedonia. They chanted "Ice, cold, snow, Florina is freezing," claiming that, with winter coming, many residents fear the rising costs of heating oil and the fact they can't afford to buy petrol. Despite the frequent displays of anger in the country, the budget is expected to pass in parliament.